Pinnock's Glen

The Hole and the Hunter

Following the work done for Elgar the Crack Team headed back to Pinnock’s Glen to try and dig up some information about the artifacts as well as something else about the Hole in the Forest. Jehn spoke with Thomas’ mother and found out that the hole did indeed exist in an area of the forest that no one dared visit. In turn Aura visited Pyke Moonshadow and found that he was once again less than willing to help. Aura then turned to Feargus to check his knowledge of the artifacts. He was unable to give any concrete information but was able to contact others within the church to send some history books to Pinnock’s Glen.

Late afternoon found the team sitting in Rabor’s tavern having lunch. They began to formulate a plan to investigate the Hole in the Forest. It was then that a man came in and approached Aura with a small package. He had found it, along with a note, on his doorstep. The note instructed him to deliver it to the woman that had been staying in Pinnock’s Glen. Aura opened the package after the man had been dismissed inside there was another note and a crystal of deep purple. The note was written by Pyke Moonshadow and explained that the stone was a teleportation crystal and that it would return the users to a place that was familiar to them. He also explained that she would not be receiving any more of his help and that she needed to leave him alone.

Preparations where made and that afternoon the team headed for the Hole in the Forest. The woods began to get eerily quiet as the approached the area where the hole resided and soon all trace of animal activity was gone. The hole was spotted for quite a distance, it was a large area that was dark and seemed to not allow light to penetrate it. It grew cold the closer they came and from a few paces away the hole looked to be some kind of small burrow that went beneath the forest. A sunrod was struck and the team headed, on hands and knees, into the cramped space.

The tunnel descended into the earth before leveling out and then rising once again into a long corridor that was covered with frescoes and mosaics. Unsure what to make of the area the team headed inside to investigate one of the many scenes depicted on the wall. One in particular has a small chest that jutted out from the wall. The chest opened from the bottom and and inside was a lever. Osler moved the lever and to his horror the floor dropped out from beneath him. Kel, Aura, and Osler were plunged down towards a forest of spikes. No one was seriously injured and Jehn was able to help them back to corridor. That was when Kel noticed that the mosaics formed a message in the hallway. Kel then passed along some of this information to the others and soon they all were on edge as the message was foreboding to say the least. Faced with the choice of passing through a misty arch or the mouth of a demon they came to the decision that they were not prepared for what may lie ahead. They left the corridor and headed back through the tunnel back to Pinnock’s Glen.

The next morning a call was sent to them from the town square a hunter from the village had been attacked and the team was asked to investigate. The hunter was able to explain that he had been in the middle of field dressing a deer on a trail north of the village when he was attacked by a large cat of some kind. He gave them the location and the team set out at once.

They found the trail with little difficulty and the deer was still there though it looked to have been fed upon by animals. Approaching the carcass cautiously they investigated the scene it was then that one of the cats jumped from a tree over head and attacked the adventurers. It was slain easily but before it fell a second cat lunged from another nearby tree and set upon Jehn quickly. This cat proved to be more of a challenge but was still defeated without much trouble. The animals were definitely cats and nocturnal ones at that. They showed no signs of being under any kind of enchantment. Their tracks proved to tough to follow and as such the adventurers returned to Pinnock’s Glen to ponder their next move.

Night fell and their meal was interrupted by the sound of a horn that sounded like a hunting horn. It was sounding from somewhere north of the village and the Crack Team assembled at once to investigate. The horn continued to sound and was easy to track to the source, standing in a clearing bathed in moonlight was a hunter carrying a large axe. The hunter bellowed a challenge to the team and soon a fierce battle was waged.

The hunter weaved among the adventurers attacking and falling back to keep out of range of their weapons. The hunter had also used a spell of some kind to use the vegetation to hinder the advance of the adventurers. During the fight the hunter would taunt the team as easy prey and praise them when they seemed to get the better of him. The battle was fierce but when the dust settled the hunter lay slain in the middle of the clearing.


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